Focus Areas of Potential Employment Interest

Focus Areas of Potential Employment Interest:
Healthcare: The healthcare profession is always seeking qualified candidates interested in a healthcare career pathway. If you are interested in a career in the healthcare industry, see CWP’s Career Lattice for the Healthcare Profession. Additionally, visit the following resources to get a better idea of potential careers that are available:
Health Occupations and Technology Careers in CT
America’s Career InfoNet

Manufacturing: Capital Workforce Partner’s goal is to help raise the next generation of skilled workers in Connecticut’s Advanced Manufacturing industry that has rapidly expanding needs for qualified workers. Did you know that by year 2020, nearly 50,000 Connecticut manufacturing workers will have reached retirement age? Did you know that there are many jobs available that require skills you can obtain in as little as 6 months to a year? Did you know that Capital Workforce Partners and your local American Job Center can help you cover tuition costs for training?

Here are some resources available to you if you are interested in Manufacturing:
America’s Career InfoNet
• US Department of Labor (DOL)


Jobs Funnel: The Jobs Funnel is a pre-employment preparation and job training “stepping stone” for Connecticut residents who are seeking employment in construction and construction-related trades. The name “Jobs Funnel,” is taken from a process individuals go through – funneling into the system to gain specific work competencies and trade-related certifications. They then funnel out to build self-sustaining and rewarding careers. In Capital Workforce Partners’ region, there is a Jobs Funnel office in Hartford, New Britain, and Bristol that serve residents from all of North Central Connecticut. Click here for more information about the Jobs Funnel.

Jobseeker Supports:
American Job Center: Each year, millions of Americans receive career guidance, job placement, and business services from our nation’s “One-Stop Career Centers” known as the American Job Center Network. At these job centers, teams of career agents, job developers, and business services consultants have joined together, in partnership with the CT Department of Labor to help you reach your goals. If you would like to connect with the AJC, complete this form and you will be contacted by AJC Outreach staff and receive regular updates from the American Job Centers and Capital Workforce Partners.