Disability Resources

Disability Resources:
The Disability Resource Coordinator at our American Job Centers in North Central Connecticut is your central point of contact and information for employers and employees with workplace needs. The Coordinator is an excellent resource for virtually any program that is designed to help successfully employ people with disabilities. Contact us at one of our American Job Center locations for more information.

The Disability Resource Coordinator assists employers and jobseekers by:
•     Providing consultation with employers on reasonable accommodations
•     Identifying community resources targeted to people with disabilities
•     Bringing the resources of the American Job Center Network to community events
•     Coordinating staff training on disability-related topics
•     Coordinating public workshops on disclosure, reasonable accommodations, work incentives, and jobseekers’ rights and responsibilities
•     Outreach to in-school and out-of-school youths with disabilities
•     Guidance on SSI and SSDI work incentive programs to help jobseekers maintain benefits

Customers have choices in deciding the services and/or training programs that best fit their needs, as well as the organizations that will provide the services.

For more information, please contact Jill Larmett, Disability Resource Coordinator, at 860-899-3446 or jlarmett@capitalworkforce.org or visit our website!

Jobs Funnel/Best Chance: The Jobs Funnel is a pre-employment preparation and job training “stepping stone” for Connecticut residents who are seeking employment in construction and construction-related trades. The name “Jobs Funnel,” is taken from a process individuals go through – funneling into the system to gain specific work competencies and trade-related certifications. They then funnel out to build self-sustaining and rewarding careers. In Capital Workforce Partners’ region, there is a Jobs Funnel office in Hartford and New Britain that serves residents from all of North Central Connecticut. To learn more visit our website!


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